Strategies For Transforming Your Stores to Make Customers Feel Safe

Conform Your Sales Environment to the New Realities of Retail

Install Permanent Safety Measures That Build Customer Trust With Our Retail Renewal Services

Retailers must prepare for the fact that a majority of customers have serious reservations about shopping in stores again. Many will not experience a sense of “normal” until they feel confortable that you have installed appropriate measures to keep them safe. Nervous shoppers are looking for tangible safety upgrades that put them at ease. This requires much more than taping an "X" on the floor. 

At DisplayMax, we understand the new realities you face to give customers the confidence to shop without worry and hesitation. We have developed a group of products and services that address safety issues you can implement. We call them our Retail Renewal Services

 We help you focus on three critical aspects of your store operations where you can build a line of defense to keep customers safe: Customer Flow, Checkout Areas, and Customer Safety.

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According to a recent study, 65% of consumers will try to limit direct contact with other people as much as possible while in your store. While 48% said that they would be more comfortable visiting stores where social distancing measures have been implemented. Are your stores prepared to overcome this?

Our Retail Renewal Services are here to help you to meet the new realities that every retailer must address to make shoppers feel safe again.

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